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Q: How can your company help my marketing and sales efforts?

A: We have a process of review and tactical development that has proven to be successful with both service and product based businesses and across industries. We assess your situation holistically and tie to your organizational strategies.  We will recommend marketing tactics that best address your current and long-term needs.

Q: Can you comment on your experience?

A: Collectively our team has more than 50 years of combined experience in small business, medium size business and corporate environments.  We have held classic brand management roles, category management, market research and consulting roles across varied industries.  We have developed print campaigns, social media campaigns and created and produced international films and commercials. We have worked with global food companies, leading retailers and manufacturers.    Our team knows how to get it done regardless of the culture and the size of the company.

Q: Why hire your company?

A:   We listen to your business needs and are fast learners on your specific business segment and your competitive set.   We want to have all of the key facts so we can accurately assess your marketing needs.

We will be completely honest if we can do the work and enhance your marketing efforts and results.  If there is a marketing technique that we can’t do, we will provide or referral  or simply say that we are not the best fit.

Our team has complementary skills, where we have answers to multiple areas of business and marketing.  We can analyze, create, plan and develop compelling marketing events and campaigns  to make a business impact,.

Lastly, our goal is for long term relationships that provide value on not high priced short projects. We are extremely  focused on ensuring your satisfaction and  full integration of your marketing plan to drive results over time.

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